Luna Neaucant

A stalwart defender of the Realm, struggling to acclimate to her life outside of knighthood.


Age40 (Created at 38)
Birthday15th Sun of the 4th Umbral Moon
Height6' 1"
Weight220 Ponzes
OccupationTemple Knight, Tavern Owner
Hobbies / SkillsCooking & Baking, Working.

General Backstory

Found by a group of knights near Fallgourd Lake at the age of 8, Luna was brought back to Ishgard. Due to the uncommon charity of one Ser Lafont Neaucant, she was allowed to live as a charge of the knight. Despite this seeming advantage, she faced much in the way of adversity, largely sexism and abuse from the other knights. She pushed through, becoming stronger and more skilled until she was properly accepted as a temple knight.

Since then, it has become a core component of her personality. Proud and full of conviction for her work, she believes herself to be a paragon and protector for those downtrodden or who can't defend themselves.

Luna is, internally, a complicated person. She suffered greatly during her upbringing in Ishgard, and the effects haunt her to this day. She works very hard to ensure it does not consume her outward persona. However, it has left considerable pain inside her which she struggles to overcome.

She finds a few things here and there that she does not understand as a result of her cloistered formative years or due to abuse she received. Romance sticks out to her as something beyond her understanding, though she is endeavoring to understand it more. She can also be oblivious to some things, leading to misunderstandings.

Luna can be overly formal or proper with people she is not close to, and takes time to open up. She has been referred to as "cold" or "A Yeti" by those who know her, but they have also called her "motherly" and "loyal".


As a Temple Knight and the last of her House, it's entirely possible that those who spend time in Ishgard may have heard of Luna.

  • Temple Knighthood - While she is not an exceptionally well-known Temple Knight, she is still accomplished in her own right. She would not be unheard of as a Temple Knight itself.

  • House Neaucant - A lowborn House earned from service as a Knight, it is a House mired in neglect & controversy thanks to the Head of House Lafont Neaucant. While details are sparse, what is known is that Lafont mistreated his ward to the point that she left as soon as able and became a Temple Knight.

  • Tavern Owner - Luna runs the Hearth from Home tavern, an Ishgardian-influenced establishment enjoyed by a fair few folk. Word may have spread amongst patrons of her cooking ability and the tavern itself.


Gair Brandt

A desert golem sculpted by Rhalgr himself from the dirt and rock of Ala Mhigo. Practically a brother to Luna, there is no one in the realm she trusts more.

Lucatiel Wright

A young girl placed into Luna's guardianship. Excitable and cheery, Luna has trouble connecting with her at times. Still, the two have formed a strong bond, Lucatiel occasionally referring to Luna as her "second mother".

Pipino Pino

A disinherited Monetarist who originally recruited Luna as a bodyguard. Luna respects her considerably and sometimes comes to her for advice. However, Luna finds the woman vexing at times.

Langston Clevers

Now the husband to Pipino Pino, Langston is a chef much like Luna. She respects the man, especially his generally laid-back mood. She wishes she could work with the man more.

A'erina Maxhavo

A brusque woman and cousin to Gair. While there exists a level of respect for A'erina's talents and some small insight into her past, Luna does not always get along with the woman due to her generally disrespectful attitude.

Tretesta Kerberion

A strange man who seems to enjoy bewildering Luna. Despite his oddities, Luna has some respect for the man and sees something deeper.

Blue Kerberion

A seemingly young woman and partner to Tretesta. She reminds Luna of Lucatiel at times and similarly has troubles with her more energetic nature. There is some fondness there, but mostly confusion.

Vinalo Mabunalo

A friendly sort that helped Luna with some issues. They love the tea and sweets Luna makes and they're an admirable physician, earning Luna's respect handily.

Leiser Tod

A strange man hailing from the East quite adept with a dagger. Luna finds the man strangely disconnected from things at times, but he seems somewhat wise. Also may have a fondness for tigers.

Xavier Wingrave

An admirable man who runs the Twin Otters Tavern. A laid-back sort with some sage advice to give at times. She considers him a friend and he has been helpful in her understanding a more civilian life.

Out Of Character

Hello there! I have an extensive history with roleplay (MSNM baby! Represent!), though my time roleplaying in FFXIV is about a year or so. I enjoy tragic characters and darker themes, but I do not focus on brooding. I am fine with 18+ RP, though I do not do ERP. Romance is fine by me, but it must be understood that Luna is very screwed up when it comes to romance and anything further. Violence is okay but anything sexual is "fade to black". I don't RP for sexual gratification.

If you would like to contact me out of game, my Discord is Neon#6016. Just be polite please!